?Como Se Dice...? Ana C. Jarvis

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?Como Se Dice...?  by  Ana C. Jarvis

?Como Se Dice...? by Ana C. Jarvis
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Through six editions, ¿Cómo se dice...? has successfully prepared and motivated over one million students to continue their study of Spanish. This introductory Spanish program remains one of the best-selling texts available today because it isMoreThrough six editions, ¿Cómo se dice...? has successfully prepared and motivated over one million students to continue their study of Spanish.

This introductory Spanish program remains one of the best-selling texts available today because it is flexible, easy to use, and adaptable to any teaching style. The program features a balanced, four-skills approach that stresses communicative competency and cultural awareness as well as the mastery of language structures.To better accommodate both two- and three-semester or quarter courses, the scope and sequence of the Seventh Edition contains 18 lessons.

Students in a two-semester course master the preterit by the end of the first semester (Lecciones 1-9) Those in a 3-semester course master the present tense by the end of the first semester (Lecciones 1-6) and the past tenses by the end of the second semester (Lecciones 7-12).

In addition, basic formal commands are introduced earlier (presented via lexical entries in Lecciones 2, 5, 6, 8, and 11).Presentations of high-frequency, meaningful vocabulary, basic Spanish sounds, and words and expressions that are challenging for English speakers, as well as clear and succinct grammar explanations provide students with a solid foundation for building communication skills.Student learning and independent study is supported through ample examples, varied practice, and opportunities for self-assessment.A balance of four-skills practice—progressing from controlled to more open-ended—offers students the opportunity to actively use the language while reinforcing learning and strengthening communication skills.Through various media—including realia, readings, photo essays, video, and the Internet—students broaden their knowledge of the geography, history, and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Cross-cultural comparisons help students develop cultural understanding.The ¿Cómo se dice...? Multimedia CD-ROM 3.0 is an interactive program featuring short clips from the video with accompanying transcripts and links to a bilingual glossary. The clips are supported by a variety of comprehension and interpretation activities to help students hone their listening skills. Language practice exercises corresponding to the grammar points presented in the student text are also included on this CD-ROM.

The exercises contain links to a grammar reference to help students who need additional review/reinforcement of grammatical concepts.Completely revised, the ¿Cómo se dice...? Web Site includes task-based activities, ACE self-testing for each lesson with audio and video clips and automatic feedback, and electronic flashcards for additional practice of vocabulary and verb conjugations.

A comprehensive, password-protected guide assists instructors and TAs with the integration of the various multimedia components. Supplemental readings for Lessons 13-18 are available to download for courses in which the instructor wishes to extend the reading skills development offered in the text.The two-hour video provides three distinct types of footage: unrehearsed interviews with native speakers from around the Spanish-speaking world, photo essays of everyday life, and authentic footage from Hispanic countries.The Opening Passage, featured at the beginning of each lesson, introduces vocabulary and structures in context in new and varied formats including personal vignettes, informal correspondence, and dialogues accompanied by sample realia.

Each passage is followed by ¡Conversemos! comprehension questions that provide immediate reinforcement.¿Lo sabía Ud.? culture notes, written in simple Spanish, convey information on cultural themes or points mentioned in the lesson dialogue.Pronunciación sections, appearing in Lecciones 1-18, contain pronunciation and linking exercises designed to acquaint students with the basic Spanish sounds, with sounds, words and expressions that are challenging for English speakers, and with natural speech.The Estructuras section presents an average of four or five clear and succinct grammar points in English, with practical examples that can be consulted for independent study and reference.

Each structure is immediately followed by Práctica exercises that range from controlled drills to open-ended activities.Contemporary ¡Vamos a leer! selections promote reading skills.Teleinforme sections following even-numbered lessons reinforce the content of the photo essays and authentic footage of the ¿Cómo se dice...? Video and offer a sequence of pre-viewing, post-viewing, and expansion activities.Así somos sections following odd-numbered lessons provide viewing activities with improved accessibility for the unrehearsed interviews in the ¿Cómo se dice...?

Video.The Testing Program includes nine culture tests correlated to the Panorama hispánico sections.For instructors convenience, icons and annotations in the Instructors Annotated Edition refer to additional related activities in the Instructors Activities Manual.

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